Friday, January 21, 2011

Daily Photos: 1/21/2011

Photography has become an addiction and I take a lot of pictures!  I carry my camera with me almost everywhere and if I don't have it with me I always have my iPhone.  But, there are times when I go on dry spells and might not take any pictures for days.  I can tell when this happens because it seems that I begin having withdrawals as if I'm some junkie hunting for my next heroin fix.  So, in an attempt to feed my addiction, I've created a new gallery here on my photo website dedicated to daily photos.  My aim is to post at least 1 quality photo to this gallery each day.  I emphasize "quality" because if I'm not happy with any of my photos from that day, then I probably won't post any.  I'm not going to begin aimlessly taking snapshots just to fulfill a goal of taking a picture each day.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugTo start things off, I've posted a group of photos that I took yesterday on my way home from work.  My total commute is about 50 miles each day and it's actually a pretty scenic drive with little traffic.  It's a small highway that winds through the typical NE Kansas farmland.  There are a couple fields that I pass where I normally see turkeys, hawks, and an occasional deer.  During my morning commute I noticed what looked like a big hawk feeding on something in one of the fields.  In fact, my first thought was, "Damn, that's a BIG hawk!"  On closer inspection, it was an adult bald eagle and I was pretty excited to see it since I normally only see them near the bigger rivers in the area (Kansas and Missouri Rivers).

I thought about that eagle quite a bit throughout the day.  Before leaving work, I attached my telephoto lens to my camera hoping that an eagle would be back in that spot feeding when I got there.  Sure enough, as I passed the field there were actually 3 eagles feeding!  I quickly exited the highway, backtracked to the field, and pulled off onto the shoulder which left me about 100 yards from the eagles. I began shooting and I could hear the eagles squawking at each other as they moved into position to feed on what appeared to be a deer carcass.  Amazing!  As I took in the scene, what I thought was only 3 eagles turned out to be 8 eagles in the field.  After chasing off a juvenile, an adult and another juvenile took turns eating while 4 eagles sat in a tree to the south and another 2 eagles sat in a tree about 80 yards to the west.  One of the photos in the gallery shows a wide angle view with a juvenile feeding, an adult hanging back sitting in the snow and the tree with 4 eagles in the distance.


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