Saturday, January 29, 2011

Daily Photo: 1/29/2011 - "Always Carry a Camera!"

Several times this week I made an attempt to get outside specifically to take some pictures.  These short winter days make it tough because there's very little daylight shooting available when an 8-9 hour workday is factored in.  Right now, sunrise doesn't occur until 7:40-7:45, so it's very difficult to get to a location for first light and make it to work on-time.  The better option is to go to work earlier and then leave early to set up for the sunset "golden hour."  But, that didn't work out for me this week, either.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugBut, there's a reason I carry my camera with me almost everywhere, because I was finally rewarded this evening.  But, it came at a time when I was outdoors for a different kind of shooting.  I had just finished an afternoon putting some rounds through one of my pistols accompanied by my son and a good friend.  Logan and I met up with my friend on some property he recently purchased and we had just trekked back to our trucks from the creek bottom.  As I put my gear back in my truck, I noticed these trees silhouetted against a beautiful sunset lit sky.  The clouds really caught my attention and are really the reason I framed the picture the way I did.  Without those clouds, I think the picture would be bland and lacking emotion.

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