Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Catching Up

I'm finally finding some time to catch up on some past photos.  I've spent the last two nights browsing and selecting photos from our March vacation to Florida's St. Joseph Peninsula.  It's been great looking at all the photos from that trip and letting the memories really sink in.

I'm finding that I actually prefer delaying my major photo edits whenever I'm able to snap large numbers of photos.  I know some who shoot and post photos right away.  For me, I enjoy going through my photos as soon as they are downloaded to my computer and I always flag some photos as my early favorites.  But, then I step back from those photos for quite a while.  When I finally do revisit them I typically discover that photos I had previously flagged might not do much for me anymore and other photos start jumping out as my favorites.  I wonder what would happen if I shelved those photos again for a couple months and revisited.  Would I discover different favorites once again?  I think this plays into our normal way of seeing things.  Look how often fads and trends come and go...and come again.  Before I know it my son is going to be pegging his pants and feathering his hair.

 I definitely didn't stumble upon this "delayed" routine on purpose.  It's an effect of living a typical family life where kids, work, honey-do's, and, sometimes, laziness all come into play.  Being able to sit each night and edit photos just hasn't been an option.  Fortunately, I managed to stumble into a method that works quite well.

Anyway, this photo was one that I flagged as a favorite the first time I went through my Florida pictures.  I can't count how many different edits I did until finally getting one that I really like.  I played around with several color versions before deciding to go black and white.  But, it took several attempts to get all the tones the way I envisioned them.

I remember the first thing that caught my eye in this scene was the way the blades of grass etched patterns into the sand as they moved in the wind.  I took some close-up photos of those patterns, but the end pictures didn't offer much.  So, I re framed, going wider, and was able to capture the shadows across the sand along with the grass and patterns.  I think this final picture turned out well.

This week is going to turn into my St. Joseph Peninsula week as I finish posting several more photos from that trip.


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