Monday, June 18, 2012

Freshly Baled

Freshly Baled

I couldn't resist photographing the hay field with fresh bales scattered about.  I've always loved hay fields and farm fields, in general.  There's something about them that I find nostalgic and a little romantic.  The fact that they can be quite beautiful helps, too.  Obviously, Kansas has plenty of farm fields, sometimes as far as the eye can see - and beyond!  It's known as The Wheat State for good reason and it's been a very early harvest so far this year in regards to the hay and wheat.

I hold a high amount of respect for anyone that earns their livelihood farming or ranching.  My Grandpa has ranched his entire life and shows no signs of stopping.  Some of my fondest memories are from the weekly visits to the ranch to visit him and my Grandma.  I loved when he or my uncle would call and invite me to help gather cows or stack hay and it's something I dearly miss.  Anymore, the smell of a freshly cut hay field or the raunchy smells of cow and horse manure immediately take me back and make me wish I could visit more often.

In that sense, this photo is very fitting since my family and I are leaving this weekend for our annual trek back to my hometown.  This work week can't end soon enough.  And, although my wife and I go through a little bit of hell on earth traveling with 3 young kids and over 2000 miles round trip, the first time I see my grandparents and then later stand on their porch as we watch deer come of the river into the alfalfa field, believe me when I say it's worth the price of admission!


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