Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lost...But Found!

Another example of how things can easily get lost in the shuffle.  When I download new photos from my camera, I have the fullest intent of going through them as quickly as possible to weed out those that don't make my initial cut.  Then I go through them again to determine my favorites.  Finally, I'll spend a bit more time editing as needed, although I really like to keep my editing to a minimum.  At last, I can share them with the world...or, at least the handful of people who might follow this blog every now and then.

I stumbled upon this photo of a Gerbera Daisy (one of my wife's favorite flowers) while skimming through old photos from way back in 2009.  Yes, it's been hiding for 3 years!  I really like this photo and am kicking myself for "misplacing" it for this long.


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