Thursday, January 12, 2012

Union Station

Jarvis Hunt Room, Union Station, Kansas City

The day after Christmas my wife and I took our kids to Union Station, the historic train depot in Kansas City.  During the holidays a group of model railroad enthusiasts sets up an amazing display of model trains inside the building and the kids really enjoy seeing the trains and picking out all the details.  I think I enjoy it just as much!

Of course I brought my camera along for the ride and the majority of my pictures from that day are of my kids as they explored.  But, I also took the opportunity to step away from my typical nature/outdoor photography and tried to find other interesting photos.  I think it's always good to step outside your comfort zone and here it forced me to try to "see" the building differently compared to all my other trips in the past.  It's truly an amazingly beautiful building and it's a bit depressing to think that it came close to demolition at one point.

Union Station Ceiling, Kansas City

In between wrangling my kids and taking pictures of them, I scanned the building's details from the windows, to the chandeliers, to the marble walls looking for anything interesting.  Realistically, one could spend hours uncovering all the details contained within this huge building and it only makes you want to keep coming back for more visits.

Union Station Clock, Kansas City


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