Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Last 30 Minutes of the Day

The days are definitely shorter, almost too short.  Frustratingly short, especially when the weather is decent and the early-evening light is good and it seems like you're just a few minutes too late to get the picture you want.  I can't tell you how many times in the last couple weeks I've missed opportunities at some great shots, but I keep reminding myself that more opportunities will pop up.

Such was the case Thanksgiving evening.  We spent the early afternoon with my wife's family, stuffing ourselves with amazing holiday treats.  I planned on relaxing and catching some of the football games that were being contested, but that never really took form.  After getting back to our house and getting the kids settled down (Ainslee was melting down!) I noticed that some good late-afternoon light was beginning to take shape outside.  Whatever I was doing at that moment, I remember looking at my watch and telling myself, "Ok, finish this and get out for the last 30 minutes," and that's exactly what I did.

I grabbed my camera and headed out through the back pasture toward the creek.  This is a route I've taken several times and it never gets boring.  I like the challenge of seeing the same scenery, but trying to find different angles for pictures to represent everything in a different way.  As it turned out, the setting sun's light was extraordinary and, although there wasn't a lot of cloud cover, what was there offered great contrast.  This contrast really came to light when in these black and white images.  As the final light disappeared on the western horizon, I couldn't help grinning and thinking, "what a great 30 minutes!"


Fiery Sunset

Old Stump

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