Monday, October 3, 2011

An Evening Walk with Ainslee

CamperThe other night, I hadn't been home from work very long before my wife took our two oldest kids and headed to the grocery store leaving me and our youngest daughter, Ainslee, home to entertain each other.  It was a gorgeous evening and I felt it needed to be enjoyed, so I grabbed Ainslee and my camera and headed out for a quick walk to the creek.

Barbed WireI hadn't really planned on taking many pictures primarily because Ainslee can be a handful, literally.  She's at an age where she rarely likes to be put down, instead choosing to be carried by whoever will give in to her whimpering.  She can be quite dramatic and eventually you just have to give in.  It's nothing new, as both of my other children went through the same phase.  You'd think Jodi and I would have gorilla arms by now!  So, I figured we'd simply stroll along as I pointed out the horses, birds, bugs, and anything else she might find interesting (which is a lot at her age!).

Fence PostsTo my surprise, Ainslee actually didn't want to be carried as we started out.  Instead, she began pointing things out to me, starting with our chickens...and their poop.  Yes, she's suddenly fascinated with chicken poop.  Anyway, we carried on and I was able to snap a picture here and there as Ainslee's curiosity took us across the yard, past the horse barn, and then toward the creek.  It was extremely entertaining watching her eyes bounce from one thing to the next.  At one point I stopped to take a picture of a small flower amid the grass.  I squatted very low to the ground and Ainslee came over and squatted next to me with a puzzled look on her face as if wanting to say, "you're really taking a picture of that?"  It was pretty cute and she must've known something because, in the end, I didn't really care for that photo.  Anyway, a few minutes later she decided that she'd done enough walking and wanted me to carry her, so I obliged.

Rust & White-Wall


We eventually made it to the creek and wondered around for quite a while before heading back to the house.  A lovely walk with my lovely daughter!

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